Watch us experiment on you

This site is a Lean Startup. See how it works

We are continually trying to improve this site by observing key behavior and running experiments. We'd like to invite you to look behind the curtain and see this learning in progress.

See the key metrics

When we set out to sell this book online we Trends established several key metrics. We track these metrics and watch them over time to evaluate how our efforts to improve the site are working.

Tracking these metrics graphically makes it easy to understand what's going on.

Watch experiments in progress

We are continually running experiments. At any given time we are running one to five Experiment experiments in an attempt to increase the number of visitors who either buy a book or share The Lean Startup with their friends.

We've tested everything from different methods of sharing to the pricing and are often experimenting with language and imagery to better understand what's important to visitors like you.

Curious how we're experimenting on you?

Check out the getting started page or dive right into the running experiments and the aggregate trends.

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